AGOV 2022 Roadmap

Roadmap for the 2nd half of 2022

In the 2nd half of 2022, ClubRare aims to achieve AGOV token’s growth in the Ethereum network, derive meaningful product-related results in the ClubRare Universe, and activate token liquidity through various activities including token listing on exchanges. All these achievements will be reinvested in our business capabilities for ClubRare DAO members and continuous business achievements in the future, which will lead us to become a leading project in Web3.

Phase 1

August: 1st Token Migration for AGOV(ETH) Liquidity Supply

Token Migration for Liquidity Supply: If the participant stakes AGOV(KCT) and ETH by selecting the lock-up period of 90 days or 180 days, our system will automatically supply liquidity to AGOV(ETH)-ETH pair on Uniswap and give rewards equivalent to the amount of ETH supplied.

1st Target Group: 100 applicants among ClubRare DAO Pilot members and 21 Legendary LLC holders will be selected as the 1st target group. The 1st group will be selected during the 4th week of August and the 1st token migration will be carried out at the end of August. This token migration is the testing process before the full launch of AGOV(KCT) → AGOV(ETH) token bridge service for all token holders.

Rewards: Participants of the 1st round can freely swap AGOV(KCT) to AGOV(ETH) without supplying liquidity in the 2nd round. There may be a minimum requirement to participate, but no limit on the maximum amount. MPWR tokens equivalent to 30% APY and LLC(s) will be provided as rewards according to the amount and duration of ETH supplied.

Token Migration Purpose and Detailed Policies:

September: 2nd Token Migration for AGOV(ETH) Liquidity Supply

The 2nd target group selection and token migration will be carried out within 2 weeks after the 1st round. Additional rounds will be continuously carried out to ensure all ClubRare DAO members who are willing to participate can participate in the token migration.

September: ClubRare Everyday Drops

AGOV, ClubRare governance token, starts operating Everyday Drops on the ClubRare Marketplace. We will increase the transaction of AGOV(ETH) by holding Everyday Drops along with pop-up auctions for super-rare items.

1st ClubRare Token Bridge Launch

The token bridge provides token swap service from AGOV(KCT) to AGOV(ETH). As we plan to fully launch the service for all token holders, we plan to provide it first to LLC holders and token migration participants in the early days of the launch to ensure stability and gradually expand to all users.

Phase 2

  1. 2nd ClubRare Token Bridge Launch

  2. 3rd ClubRare Token Bridge Launch

  3. September: AGOV(ETH) Payment Support on ClubRare Marketplace

We are expecting to see an increase in demand in AGOV(ETH) as the auction is held with the current price of the token. We are looking forward to seeing a surge in AGOV(ETH) trading volume along with the liquidity supply in August.

Featured Drops on ClubRare Marketplace

ClubRare Marketplace starts operating regular Featured Drops for one-of-a-kind drops from unique sellers, which are differentiated from Everyday Drops. Along with the AGOV(ETH) payment support, it will promote an increase in transactions on ClubRare Marketplace and AGOV(ETH) token demand.

Limited Drops for ClubRare DAO members

ClubRare is preparing our 1st Limited Drops auction in collaboration with Relevant Customs exclusively for LLC holders and ClubRare DAO members.

For example, LLC holders can create limited-edition Phygital NFTs by applying the concept of Lazy Leo NFTs they are holding to the design of physical sneakers. As such, the Limited Drops will be designed to strengthen the membership benefits of LLC holders and the utility of LLCs in ClubRare. ClubRare DAO Voting can be conducted to collect various ideas of the members.

In this auction, 50% of the winning bid price will be deposited to ClubRare DAO Treasury or used for buybacks and other DAO-related activities.

ClubRare Partners are preparing to participate in the auction and we are coordinating the schedule for them also to join ClubRare DAO as Partner members. ClubRare DAO Partner members can share ClubRare’s value with other ClubRare DAO members and pursue profit-generating opportunities as individuals and the DAO as a whole. We believe that famous brands and celebrities have the expertise to help ClubRare DAO as key advisors and global marketers.

Phase 3

Launch of ClubRare Metaverse MVP, “The House”

Option A (Realistic design) has been selected as the design concept through the votes of ClubRare DAO Members and the development has started.

”The House” enables its users to interact with each other and showcase their NFTs including Lazy Leo Club (LLC). Built on an open protocol, “The House” can be connected to other open metaverse platforms, allowing users to freely travel between different metaverse worlds. MPWR will be used as a currency to purchase NFTs and goods in The House, and AGOV, the governance token, will be utilizing a portion of the Metaverse platform revenue to increase the ClubRare DAO’s Treasury asset.

Big Announcement in the 2nd half of 2022

There will be a Big Announcement to be made in the 2nd half of 2022. The location and schedule for the announcement are currently under discussion with the partner, conference, and more.

In the 1st half of 2022, ClubRare successfully announced partnerships with Budweiser and MXN Holdings Group during the NFT.NYC event period.

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