Buying and Selling NFTs

Buying a Fixed-Price NFT

  1. To purchase an NFT with a fixed price, click the buy now button.

  2. The confirmation will pop up to confirm your purchase.

  3. The transaction confirmation on your wallet will appear to purchase your item.

Bidding on an NFT

  1. To make a bid on an auction, click place bid.

  2. A Pop-up box will appear to place an amount to bid.

  3. Confirm your transaction on your wallet.

Listing for a Fixed Price

  1. After your wallet is connected, click your avatar in the right-hand corner and select my items.

  2. Select my collectibles and choose the NFT you’d like to list.

  3. Click on put on sale.

  4. A pop up will appear to allow you to list for a fixed price.

Listing a Physical Item for Sale

We are building a launchpad for creators to list and sell their items.

While that is in development, please contact to list physical items.

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