ClubRare Membership FAQ

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FAQs on Membership Tiers and Benefits

1.Could you please explain the tier structure of ClubRare Membership and the eligibility criteria for each tier?

  • ClubRare Membership is organized into 5 tiers. The tier of each wallet will be determined based on the possession of Lazy Leo Club (LLC) NFTs and the amount of MPWR tokens held in the wallet. The benefits offered to each tier group differ, particularly the list of exclusive Phygital drops for ClubRare Membership, which varies according to the tier groups.

    Tier-Eligibility Criteria



    User owns a Legendary LLC



    User owns at least 1,000,000 MPWR or higher Or user owns a Super Rare LLC



    User owns at least 750k MPWR and less than 1,000,000 MPWR Or user owns a Rare LLC



    User owns at least 500k MPWR and less than 750k MPWR Or user owns a Common LLC



    User owns at least 100k MPWR and less than 500k MPWR

2.What special benefits can I enjoy as a ClubRare Membership holder?

  1. Eligibility to Purchase Exclusive Phygital Drops for ClubRare Membership

    1. ClubRare daily lists 2 to 5 new Phygital items exclusively available to ClubRare Membership holders. These items vary for each tier group. If you wish to purchase particular Phygital items exclusive to a specific tier group, you must hold an adequate number of MPWR (ERC-20) tokens or the corresponding Lazy Leo Club (LLC) NFTs for that specific tier.

  2. Partnership Airdrop Benefit

    1. Members of Tier 1 and 2 are eligible for the Partnership Airdrop offered by ClubRare. ClubRare operates under a governance structure involving our partners who actively contribute. These partners will provide rewards to ClubRare membership holders. The rewards offered by our partners encompass blockchain-based rewards such as NFTs and tokens, as well as offline-based rewards.

    2. Tier 1 members holding Legendary LLCs and Tier 2 members holding Super Rare LLCs will receive rewards multiplied by the number of Legendary LLCs or Super Rare LLCs they hold.

      1. This exclusive reward multiplier benefit is applicable only to holders of Legendary LLCs and Super Rare LLCs, and the calculation is based on a single wallet.

  3. Tier-Specific Reward Policy - ClubRare Token Events

    1. Members of the ClubRare membership will enjoy a priority advantage when participating in token events hosted by ClubRare. However, it is important to note that events exclusively tailored for AGOV governance token holders, such as the AGOV single staking event, revolve around AGOV tokens and not ClubRare Membership. ClubRare has a history of hosting diverse token events encompassing token staking and snapshots, with plans to expand this lineup in the future.

3.How will my Membership tier be determined if I hold multiple Lazy Leo Club NFTs?

  1. If you meet the eligibility criteria for multiple tier groups by holding LLCs of different tiers, you will be assigned the highest eligible tier and receive corresponding benefits.

  2. For example, if you hold both a Legendary LLC and a Super Rare LLC within a single wallet, you will qualify as a Diamond tier member and enjoy the associated benefits.

FAQs on Purchasing Exclusive Phygital Items for ClubRare Membership

1. Can I purchase tier-specific Phygital drops (NFTs) that are offered outside of my tier group, in addition to the Phygital NFTs for my own tier group?

A: Yes, you can purchase tier-specific Phygital drops (NFTs) from your own tier group as well as lower tiers. For instance, if you hold a Diamond-tier membership, you're eligible to buy Phygital drops available for the Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers. Similarly, as a Gold-tier member, you can acquire Phygital drops from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers.

2. How long does it take for the items to be shipped after purchasing Membership-exclusive Phygital drops (NFTs)?

A: Currently, we are collaborating with several infrastructure companies to streamline the global shipping process. Once the setup for the Vault and networks is complete, item redemption will commence on September 20th. Following the submission of a redemption request, the shipping process will take approximately 30 days.

3. How can I track the delivery process of the item?

A: Most Membership-exclusive Phygital items will be shipped globally through local B2B shippers in various regions, including Europe. We are working to provide a seamless tracking process. Detailed information on tracking will be shared before September 20th, the start date for redemption requests.

If you have not yet received a regular Phygital drop that is not exclusive to Membership, please reach out to us at '' with your personal wallet address, item link, and CCIC or PCCC number.

4. What is the product price on which customs duties should be paid?

A: The product price considered for customs duties is expected to be within the range of 30-80% of the retail price. Please note that the customs duty price standard may vary for each product.

For Membership-exclusive Phygital items following the "1 MPWR = 0.01 USD" pricing policy, the retail price for an item initially valued at 102,255 MPWR will be calculated as 1,022.55 USD.

5. What are the benefits of purchasing the Membership-exclusive Phygital NFTs?

A: Acquiring Membership-exclusive Phygital drops grants you access to a diverse selection of items, spanning from trendy pieces to premium collectibles, all at discounted rates. These discounts range from 30% up to an impressive maximum of 70%, providing remarkable value compared to market prices.

When purchasing Membership-exclusive Phygital drops, you will utilize MPWR tokens as the payment method. The initial listing price of these items will be determined in USD, incorporating the applicable discount. It is important to note that any changes in the MPWR token price may lead to adjustments in the item's price (in MPWR).

6. How will the price policy of "1 MPWR = 0.01 USD" be applied to ClubRare Membership exclusive Phygital drops?

A: The initial price of Membership-exclusive Phygital drops will adhere to the "1 MPWR = 0.01 USD" pricing policy. The initial USD price will remain constant, while the item price in MPWR may vary based on changes in the MPWR value. For example, if the MPWR value increases from the time of the item's initial listing, the required amount of MPWR for purchase might decrease. Conversely, if the MPWR value decreases, the necessary MPWR amount may increase.

7. Can you guide me on how to purchase exclusive Phygital drops (NFTs) on the platform?

  1. You can start by logging in to the ClubRare homepage and navigating to the Explore page. Click on the specific exclusive Phygital drop you wish to purchase, which will take you to the item's detail page.

    1. If a Membership Tier mark is visible at the top right corner of the item thumbnail, only holders of a higher-tier Membership can proceed with the purchase of that item.

  2. If you wish to purchase the item, simply click on the "BUY" button.

    1. If your current membership tier is below the required tier for purchasing the item, the "BUY" button may not be visible.

  3. You can choose the delivery method between 'TO ADDRESS' and 'To Vault'. If you prefer to directly receive the item without storing it in the ClubRare Vault, click on 'TO ADDRESS' and provide your detailed information for delivery.

    1. In cases where additional information, like CCIC/PCCC, is required for delivery, we might contact you via the email address you have provided.

      1. Reference: Issuing CCIC/PCCC number for South Korea:’

    2. Item redemption will start from September 20th, and shipping will take approximately 30 days after the redemption request is submitted.

    3. After September 20th, additional fees may be applicable if you choose to store items in the ClubRare Vault. Any such fees will be communicated separately to the email address you have submitted.

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