ClubRare Authentication Launch Promotion (Extended) - May 30 through July 31st, 2023

Promotional Offer - Now Extended Through the End of July:

First-time users, you are eligible to get 1 Free Authentication, a value of more than $50!

Promotional Period:

  • From June 1 - July 31, 2023, the launch promotion for authentication services will be activated.

  • 1 FREE authentication per seller

  • After the free authentication, sellers can list non-authenticated products. If interested in listing more authenticated products during this period, please reach out to

  • Brands partnered with ClubRare will have free authentications through July 31st, then standard pricing applies.

Authenticating Your First Item

First, we need to follow the initial steps of creating a listing (see the full video tutorial here or read the summary below):

  • Uploaded the title and description of our product

  • Selected our sale type - timed auction or fixed price and input pricing details

  • Selected or created our collection and added the product/NFT attributes

  • NOW we are ready for the first steps of Authentication

Authentication steps begin:

  1. Select your product's appropriate category.

  1. Next, You Will Select Your Brand & Upload the Required Authentication Images

Please Note - if you have already submitted a listing and used your free authentication, then you will see this message and need to list your next item as a non-authenticated item or email

Learn More About Authenticating your items with ClubRare

What is the process of product authentication in the ClubRare platform and how do you ensure the authenticity of the products?

You upload specific images that are required in our image-based authentication system. Specific categories are accepted in our authentication program, as well as certain brands. We have partnered with certified professional authentication experts, whom the brands have authorized to certify the authenticity of their products on a secondary market. We will continue to expand our authentication network - partners, brands, categories and more!

How long does authentication take?

Authentication generally is done within 12 business hours. Authentication can take up to 24-48 hours. Please note that business working hours are not the weekend or US holidays.

What are the different authentication statuses?
  1. Authenticated Items - Successfully Verified and Certified Authentic

  1. Items that Failed Authentication - either fakes or did not provide enough information for our experts to certify the product's authenticity.

  1. Items that have not been authenticated. Note you do not see any authentication tags or authentication details below.

What category of products are approved for authentication?

Approved for authentication:

  • Shoes

  • Luxury Clothing

  • Luxury Handbags

  • Watches

  • Jewelry

Not included:

  • Art

  • Collectibles

-> What Brands are approved for authentication? See below:

-> What does a Certificate of Authenticity from ClubRare look like? See below:

Standard Pricing:

  • Standard Pricing after the promotional period:

    • $25 per authentication (normally $30)

    • $35 per authentication with COA (normally $60)

  • Standard Bulk/Business Pricing for Partners:

    • Less than 300 per month = $20 /item

    • 300 - 1,000 per month = $15 /item

    • 1,000+ per month = $10 /item

    • 2,500+ per month = special request / contact us for details

Questions still? Reach out to

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