$MPWR Tokenomics


Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • 50% Community Rewards
    • 20% Staker Rewards These rewards are earned by staking $MPWR or $MPWR LP tokens.
    • 5% Listing Rewards These rewards are earned by listing NFTs on ClubRare Marketplace.
    • 5% Trading Rewards These rewards are earned by trading NFTs on ClubRare Marketplace.
    • 20% ClubRare Metaverse Rewards These rewards are earned through activities on the upcoming ClubRare Metaverse.
  • 15% Development Fund Funds used to expand the technology and smart contracts of the $MPWR system.
  • 15% Ecosystem Fund Funds used to expand listings, partnerships, and new aspects of the $MPWR ecosystem.
  • 15% Community Treasury
  • 0.8% Liquidity Management
  • 0.9% OpenSea User Airdrop
  • 0.19% Early Adopter Rewards These rewards were issued for scaling the early community via the Klaytn network.
  • 0.01% Community Pre-sale
  • 3.1% Reserve Funds that can be used as additional rewards where appropriate.


  • 2.5% fee on every transaction
    • 20% bonus staker rewards
    • 40% development fund
    • 40% treasury fund for liquidity and buyback
  • Token burn policies to be established
  • Lockup and non-lockup staking available

Initial Liquidity Offering

To create a healthy token liquidity, an ILO was held prior to deployment on Uniswap.
100 MPWR : 1 ETH
Total raised: 94 ETH
After the ILO, the paired MPWR and ETH were deposited into the Uniswap Liquidity Pool.
Wallets that participated in the ILO unlocked eligibility to claim a Lazy Leo NFT.
Unsold MPWR will be burned, and unsold Lazy Leo NFTs will go to the ClubRare DAO treasury.