Partners & Merchants

The Sandbox

ClubRare has formed an official partnership with The Sandbox, a global metaverse platform.
The Sandbox is a metaverse platform that grew rapidly in 2021 to sales of over $144 Million. With over 500,000 users and 12,000 land owners, The Sandbox is becoming a household name.
Through this partnership, ClubRare collectors and creators will see their NFTs come to life within The Sandbox. The two projects will work closely to publish limited-edition products on the ClubRare platform and allow players to freely use them on The Sandbox's Metaverse platform.
In addition, a ClubRare metaverse storefront will be opened in The Sandbox.
Yo-han Lee, Director of Business Development at The Sandbox Korea, mentioned that “The Sandbox, through a partnership with the NFT platform, ClubRare, attracts branded products to The Sandbox ecosystem, diversifying the utility of Metaverse and NFT and providing richer content to users. Through ClubRare, we expect to lower the entry barriers for brands entering into metaverse by providing The Sandbox’s voxel style-based solution.”

MXN Holdings

ClubRare has signed a partnership with MXN Holdings, a global e-commerce infrastructure company. This partnership will allow ClubRare to leverage their 18 logistics hubs across 7 countries, dramatically accelerating ClubRare's vision to become the foremost e-commerce leader in web3.
ClubRare is innovating "Phygital NFT" technology. This exclusive feature allows creators and brands to back their physical collectibles with NFTs, deploy them to buyers worldwide with a custom shipping and authentication solution, and allow users to bring their real-world goods into the metaverse. This takes the burgeoning NFT economy to a new level, and requires a complex logistics and fulfillment infrastructure, with specialized knowledge in inventory management, localization, customs clearance, and import duties.
ClubRare plans to work closely with MXN and their MINT platform, as they refine and expand the ClubRare Node program. ClubRare Nodes will be fulfillment and authentication centers for luxury goods, taking the burden off creators as they market their products to a global audience, and granting them frictionless access to a blockchain-based economy.
MXN Holdings has 20 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce. With major partners like TUMI, PUMA, ASOS, and Naver, they have helped over 6000 brands achieve global e-commerce. They have recently invested $25 million USD to construct a new global hub in South Korea's Incheon International Airport, which is a top 6 airport globally.
As an accelerator of cross-border e-commerce, MXN Holdings has pioneered global product sourcing with "MINT Connect", global fulfillment with "MINT Fulfillment", and global sales with "MINT Publisher". Unified on the MINT platform, MXN also offers REMEEME — a service providing one-to-one matching of physical assets to digital assets.
Already innovating use-cases for e-commerce on the blockchain, MXN Holdings also offers MINT Oracle. MINT Oracle allows separate supply chain participants to operate on a single chain of timestamped location data, using a unique joint delivery mechanism.


ClubRare has entered into partnership with Budweiser to bring their brand into web3 e-commerce.
This began with the auction of the Budweiser "All-Star" sneaker. ClubRare and Budweiser plan to collaborate in the future on a number of joint ventures, bringing the strength of the Budweiser brand to a new generation and a new world.


MetaZ is a Web3-specialized subsidiary of the global luxury fashion brand MCM. Powered by MCM's brand power, MetaZ aims to develop a global branding business for the era of Web3. It is a joint venture project between MCM and MXN Commerce Group, the existing partner of ClubRare.
ClubRare is a Web3 native project that is building a powerful community-centered Phygital NFT Ecosystem with our governance group AGOV DAO at the core. Through the partnership with MetaZ, ClubRare plans to promote various collaborations related to brand marketing, commerce, and community.
ClubRare focuses on building a unique Phygital NFT platform and a Phygital NFT-dedicated Metaverse platform. Furthermore, ClubRare plans to help a variety of brands introduced by MetaZ to enter the ecosystem of Phygital NFT.

Relevant Customs

Relevant Customs is a sneaker company with deep ties to the celebrity world. A cohort of sneaker designers using incredibly unique materials, Relevant Customs is partnering with ClubRare to bring custom sneakers to the ClubRare community. Their elite list of celebrity customers and brands include LeBron James, P. Diddy, Wu-Tang, Jägermeister, Arizona Iced Tea, and Anheuser-Busch.


Naeem Khan is a fashion designer based in the heart of the fashion district in New York City.
Naeem Khan launched his eponymous collection in 2003 and began selling at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Since then his collections have adorned glamorous women around the world, including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Rachel McAdams, First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Noor of Jordan, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, among others.
Through the collaboration with ClubRare, Naeem Khan will be releasing exclusive high-fashion collectibles for integration in the metaverse.

Rewind Vintage

Rewind Vintage offers a unique and curated collection of vintage, high-end fashion items.
Founded by Claudia Ricco in 2010, Rewind Vintage is an unparalleled collection of authentic, pre-loved designer bags, vintage clothing and accessories, and beyond. More than 20,000 sold items later, the brand has been featured on national and international TV, and recognized with industry awards.
Through the collaboration with ClubRare, Rewind Vintage will be releasing exclusive high-fashion collectibles for integration in the metaverse.

VIJZ Bespokes

“The only shoe manufacturer in Europe that makes unique sneakers on this professional scale.” Creative atelier, VIJZ Bespokes
Nike Jordan, Domino, Netflix, McDonald's!! VIJZ Bespokes is a creative atelier based in Netherlands, which has a high reputation for collaborating with an amazingly famous brand by name.
The only shoe manufacturer in Europe that makes unique sneakers on this professional scale.
With VIJZ, which is based on my family name 'Van IJzendoorn', I wanted to bring old collector items back to life, which originated from an extraordinary passion for sneakers. After three years of refurbishing sneakers, my ambitions grew by the day and I wanted to develop myself. I decided to take a different path in which my creativity would be expressed even better. The craft of shoemaking in combination with entrepreneurship is still the foundation of my work on a daily basis.'

DEGEN Jewellers

We are excited to announce our new partner as well as the 1st partner to participate in ClubRare Featured Drops: DEGEN Jewellers. DEGEN Jewellers is a jewellery brand specialized in creating limited-edition jewelleries that can be used in both the Metaverse and the real world, best describing the concept of Phygital NFT connecting the Metaverse and the physical world.