Selling on Clubrare Video Tutorial & Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Sellers Video Tutorial & Step-by-Step Walkthrough: How do I create an NFT & List my item for sale?

Step 1: Click Create
Step 2: Type your item’s Title and Description.
Step 3: Choose your type of sale and set your price, timeframe and royalties.
Step 4: Choose or create your own collection, and add up to 6 attributes.
Step 5: Upload your NFT image, Select your Category, Add up to 4 of your favorite images
Step 6: Select whether to authenticate your product or not. Then select your brand. Last, if you are authenticating your item, upload the appropriate images.
Step 7: Review & Create NFT
Step 8: Sign
Post Creation - Following the creation we wait for authentication and can take up to 48hrs but typically takes ~12hrs. Upon authentication, you can see a successfully authenticated item (1st photo) and rejected/fraud item (2nd photo) below.