ClubRare DAO Sign-up Guide

ClubRare DAO is operated via Wonderverse. This is a guide on how to join.

How to Sign Up

Participants who submit the Application Form will be collectively invited every Friday (EST).

Sign up for ClubRare DAO admission here:

How to Claim Membership
  1. Click the invite link we have sent you to join the ClubRare DAO.

What you can do in the DAO

You are automatically assigned a role in the ClubRare DAO. If you hold more than 10,000 AGOV tokens you are assigned an ‘AGOV Scout’ role, and if you hold more than 500,000 AGOV tokens or Lazy Leo NFT you are assigned an ‘AGOV Pilot’ role.


In the ClubRare DAO, everyone can create proposals - for tasks and bounties you believe should be running on our DAO!

  1. To submit a proposal, click + button in the top right corner of our DAO.

  2. Then, select ‘Proposal’.

  3. You can select the pod (group of people) to which you want to assign the proposal, but you are free to not select it also.

  4. Write the proposal title and description, add files if you want to.

  5. Select the reward currency and amount.

  6. And lastly, click ‘Create proposal button’. Congrats! You have submitted your proposal, and it will be reviewed soon!


Tasks are to-dos that one person or one pod (group of people) can fulfil. Tasks can be created by AGOV Pilots, Partners and Supporters, but anyone can fulfil tasks.

  1. To create a task, click + button in the top right corner of our DAO and select ‘Task’.

  2. Then enter a title and a description for the task.

    You can also attach a file, add reviewers and assignees.

    Moreover, you can set who needs to apply to fulfil a task, set a due date, rewards and points for task submission, select the milestone for which the task is aimed, and add tags.

  3. Then, select whether the task will go public (anyone can see it) or only DAO members will be able to see it.

  4. Press ‘Create Task”. Congrats! You have created a task, now wait for the submissions!


Bounties are different from tasks in that multiple people can fulfil them.

  1. To create a bounty, click + button in the top right corner of our DAO and select ‘Bounty’.

  2. Enter a title and a description for bounty.

    You can also add a file as an attachment.

    Also, you can add a reviewer, due date, reward and points, select a milestone and tags.

  3. Then, select whether the bounty will be public or visible only to DAO members.

  4. Click ‘Create bounty’. Great! The bounty has been posted to ClubRare DAO.


You can discuss with ClubRare DAO members anything in Wonderverse!

Every task, bounty, proposal has a discussion tab so you can share your thoughts and respond to others.

  1. Click on the task / bounty / proposal you want to discuss.

  2. Navigate to Discussion tab.

  3. Write your thoughts in the box and click ‘Add comment’. Yay! You’ve posted your comment in discussion.


Also, you can vote on the proposal - whether you want it to pass or not.

  1. To do so, go to the proposal tab.

  2. Click on the proposal you would like to vote on.

  3. Click on ‘Approve’ you you would like to pass the proposal, and ‘Reject’ if you would not.

Great! Now you can see the percentage of votes of other DAO members.


Have you received a task? Or you see a bounty you want to do? In that case you can open it, see the instructions, and make a submission!

  1. Open a task / bounty you would like to do by clicking on it, read the instructions.

  2. Then, click ‘Make a submission’.

  3. Write a text description of what you have done, attach a link or a file if needed.

  4. Click ‘Submit for approval’. Great! You’ve made a submission, now wait for the review!

Anything else you want to do in ClubRare DAO but not sure how? Feel free to contact us!

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