AGOV Purpose

ClubRare is launching ClubRare DAO! What is the DAO for?

ClubRare DAO is at the core of the web3 economy.

As the governance token for ClubRare Universe, AGOV allows holders to steer the future of metaverse development and NFT trading. By working with creators and collectors to innovate in the collector economy, everyone is rewarded.

ClubRare DAO will be the accelerator for Phygital NFT Creators.

Clubrare is building the future of the collector-oriented economy with the Phygital NFT. At the intersection of physical and digital, ClubRare utilizes a real-world logistics system to authenticate and ship collectibles worldwide, backed by NFTs with integrations in the metaverse. ClubRare DAO members will utilize treasury governance to allocate funds to new creators and kickstart their productivity in ClubRare Universe.

The AGOV token will allow holders to operate on the three pillars of governance:


With AGOV, the community votes on treasury spending, determines policies and brand partnerships, and can trade exclusive NFTs.


ClubRare believes in an open metaverse governed by community. With AGOV, DAO members shape the future of web3.


Steered by the DAO, ClubRare is creating a community-led commerce ecosystem blending physical goods with experience-rich metaverse goods and NFTs: ClubRare Universe.

As the governing body of ClubRare Universe, ClubRare DAO members enjoy exclusive access to physical and digital assets released by creators. DAO members will cooperate to increase overall economic value, conduct buybacks, and act as a thinktank for the future of ClubRare.

When AGOV is used to trade NFTs on ClubRare Marketplace (and the upcoming ClubRare Metaverse) the earnings are put in the ClubRare DAO Treasury, and used to support the growth of the DAO and the ecosystem.

ClubRare DAO can also issue sponsorship to creators to kickstart their growth potential, and facilitate exciting opportunities for the community of collectors.

ClubRare will be expanding to the Ethereum blockchain, and the AGOV-ETH pair will receive an initial liquidity supply.

ClubRare DAO will announce the roster of partners and creators, and feature exclusive merch drops from these brands, with some items being exclusively trade with the AGOV token. Community members can await the first announcements in June, coinciding with the NFT.NYC event.

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