Buying on ClubRare Video Tutorial & Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Buyers Video Tutorial & Step-by-Step Walkthrough:

How do I buy an item for sale?

Step 1: When you have found your NFT, buy now or place a bid.

Step 2: Select whether you want the item shipped directly to you, or if you would like your item professionally protected at a secure storage, our ClubRare Vault. Items in secure storage will hold their value and increase in value more often than items shipped to your house.

Step 3: Confirm and pay gas fees in your wallet. On a Timed Auction, once you have bid, wait to see if you are the winning bidder when the time runs out. Or if you buy now on a Fixed Sale, you will win immediately.

Congrats, you are the new owner of the collectible! -> For a Full Buyers Video Tutorial, Click Here.

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