Frequently Asked Questions

ClubRare User Starter Questions:

How do I login?

Step 1. Locate and click the 'Connect' button, found in the top right corner of our homepage. Ensure you are accessing our official site at https://app.clubrare.xyz/.

Step 2: After clicking 'Connect', you will be directed to the Terms of Service page. Please read these terms carefully. Your continued use of the site signifies your agreement to these terms. If you agree, click 'Accept Terms', then 'Connect to your MetaMask Wallet'.

Step 3: A ‘Sign’ request will appear from MetaMask, prompting you to authorize your wallet to interact with the ClubRare app. By clicking ‘Sign’, you provide your digital signature, granting the necessary permissions.

[Disclaimer] Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your wallet. ClubRare will never ask you for your private keys or other sensitive account information. Be aware of phishing attempts and only interact with our official site and official channels!

How do I find new items/phygital NFTs?

Discover and browse a vast array of unique NFTs on the ClubRare Marketplace with these easy steps:

Step 1: Locate and click the 'Explore' menu, found in the top right corner of our homepage.

Step 2: After accessing the 'Explore' section, you will be able to scroll through and browse our diverse selection of NFTs. This is your opportunity to discover new interests, unique items, and to get a feel for the current market trends.

Step 3: Make use of the search function, filters, and sorting options to tailor your browsing experience! Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you’re just simply discovering new things, these tools will help you navigate the wide world of collectibles on the ClubRare Marketplace.

[Disclaimer] Please remember that the value of collectibles and especially NFTs can fluctuate and their purchase should always be considered carefully. ClubRare cannot guarantee the future value of any NFT. Always make sure to carry out your own research and consult with a financial advisor if necessary.

How do turn dark mode on/off?

After clicking the 3 dots menu extension in the top right hand corner of your Marketplace interface, the dark mode setting is available in the bottom right-hand corner.

Turned off (light mode)

Turned on (dark mode)

Are all NFTs/collectibles physically backed?

Yes! ClubRare is a marketplace for collectibles and rare goods - we use technology to power a more trustworthy and efficient commerce experience for those luxury items.

What other support resources are there?

Get access to all forms of support through the additional options menu (three dots)

Access our support page, how it works page, or full docs (gitbooks)

Or email support@clubrare.xyz

Buyer and Seller Getting Started Questions

How do I create an NFT & List my item for sale?

Step 1: Click Create

Step 2: Type your item’s Title and Description.

Step 3: Choose your type of sale and set your price, timeframe and royalties.

Step 4: Choose or create your own collection, and add up to 6 attributes.

Step 5: Upload your NFT image, Select your Category, Add up to 4 of your favorite images

Step 6: Select whether to authenticate your product or not. Then select your brand. Last, if you are authenticating your item, upload the appropriate images.

Step 7: Review & Create NFT

Step 8: Sign

Post Creation - Following the creation we wait for authentication and can take up to 48hrs but typically takes ~12hrs. Upon authentication, you can see a successfully authenticated item (1st photo) and rejected/fraud item (2nd photo) below.

→ For a Full Video Tutorial, Click Here.

How do I buy an item for sale?

Step 1: When you have found your NFT, buy now or place a bid.

Step 2: Select whether you want the item shipped directly to you, or if you would like your item professionally protected at a secure storage, our ClubRare Vault. Items in secure storage will hold their value and increase in value more often than items shipped to your house.

Step 3: Confirm and pay gas fees in your wallet. On a Timed Auction, once you have bid, wait to see if you are the winning bidder when the time runs out. Or if you buy now on a Fixed Sale, you will win immediately.

Congrats, you are the new owner of the collectible!

-> For a Full Video Tutorial, click here!

What Shipping and Storage options are available?

ClubRare Vault is our Secure Storage. We have one of the most advanced partners in Secure Storage - including; an unmarked building, temperature & humidity controlled facility. Only certain staff can access the facility and must use bio-recognition tools. You may select this option during the buying process.

Shipping Options - Each seller will include the shipping details within their description. The original seller will always ship the item and use insurance to cover the good. ClubRare is advancing our Shipping Options and Servicing ability in the near future.

How do I Redeem/Receive my item from the secure ClubRare Vault?

Step 2: Enter the Shipping Details on the screen that pop's up (screenshot below).

Step 3: Wait to receive your tracking notification/information as soon as the redemption is processed. Then wait for your item to arrive. 🙌

How does ClubRare ensure the safety and security of transactions?

All transactions on ClubRare are conducted on the blockchain, which ensures transparency and security. We also use state-of-the-art security protocols and practices to keep our platform safe and secure. ClubRare’s Node also provides an even further layer of protection by providing authentication services to benefit both buyers/sellers on our platform.

How do I list an item after buying it (secondary sale)?

Go to the product you have bought, and within the product detail page you will see "Put On Sale". Click this.

After this - simply repeat the steps seen in the Buyer's User Guide; there may be a few exceptions as the item you purchased may already belong to an existing collection on ClubRare along with its associated royalties, etc.

How do I delist an item?

After an item has been put on sale, you can go within the item's detail page and you will see "Delist Item". Click this.

How do I hide an item?

After an item has been put on sale, you can go to the item's detail page and see the Menu Option (three dots). Click this menu option, then "Hide NFT."

Buyer & Seller Advanced Questions

What is a ClubRare Partner and how do I become one?

ClubRare Partners are significant companies, entities, or brands that we have partnered with us on an official basis. They have also passed ClubRare's own verification and authentication process, ensuring their identity as well as the authenticity of their listed items. To become a partner, please contact our support team who will guide you through the verification process!

Brands can reach out to support@clubrare.xyz or steven.leaton@clubrare.xyz.

What is a collection on the ClubRare Marketplace?

Collections are a way to group similar items together on the Marketplace. To create a collection, you can select the 'Create Collection' option during the listing process and then specify the relevant details for your collection.

We have on-chain collections which will be recorded on the blockchain.

We also have an off-chain collection which lets you create a collection on ClubRare but it would still be part of the Default ClubRare Collection on the blockchain.

Can I cancel my bid or purchase?

Due to the nature of blockchain transactions, a finalized purchase technically cannot be canceled. Please ensure to verify all details before you proceed with a transaction.

How are fraudulent listings or transactions handled? Do buyers/sellers have any protections against these on ClubRare Marketplace?

ClubRare takes security seriously. Any suspected fraudulent activity should be reported to our support team immediately for investigation. Transactions are conducted on the blockchain for transparency and safety, and items can pass through ClubRare Node’s authentication system, providing additional protection for our users.

How do I know my item is authentic?

A listing will show the Authentication Status on the NFT Card and the product detail page. Please see the screenshots below on how to quickly view a product's Authentication Status.

What are the different authentication statuses?

There are 3 different authentication status to be aware of:

  1. Authenticated Items - Successfully Verified and Certified Authentic

  1. Items that Failed Authentication - either fakes or did not provide enough information for our experts to certify the product's authenticity.

  1. Items that have not been authenticated. Note you do not see any authentication tags or authentication details below.

Are there fees associated with my buys or sells on ClubRare Marketplace?
  • Gas fees - transaction fees associated with the blockchain are incurred during 2 scenarios

    • First - when buying an item, there are gas fees to complete the transaction

    • Second - when creating your own on-chain collection, you will have a 1-time gas fee to create and have this collection live on-chain.

    • Third - many of our new features, like Authentication, will have a pricing update soon, currently we have a promotional offering. Learn more here. Stay tuned.

ClubRare General Questions

How do I Buy AGOV or MPWR?

Click these links within the additional menus (three dots) or go directly to Uniswap through these links - AGOV & MPWR.

AGOV on Uniswap MPWR on Uniswap

What blockchain networks are supported?

Ethereum and Klaytn networks are supported, with their respective wallets being Metamask and Kaikas.

To make an account, does it require that I KYC?

No, ClubRare does not ask for Proof of where you live. We do ask for email so you can be notified, and an address where you want to ship your product. But never the finite personal information to identify who you are or where you live.

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency software wallet that is used to interact with Ethereum and various other blockchains. It is essential for carrying out transactions on the ClubRare platform, which operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Kaikas?

Kaikas is a cryptocurrency software wallet that is used to interact with Klaytn and various other blockchains. It is essential for carrying out transactions on the ClubRare platform that operates on the Klaytn blockchain.

What happens if I lose access to my Metamask wallet?

ClubRare does not have control over your MetaMask wallet. If you lose access to your wallet, you may lose access to your NFTs stored in it. Always remember to keep your wallet secure, and remember your password and backup/seed phrase.

Can I interact with other users on the Marketplace?

Yes, ClubRare is designed to be a community-driven platform. Users can interact with each other directly through P2P trading and through various features like The House and in MyProfile.

Can I interact with buyers/sellers directly on the Marketplace?

ClubRare values the privacy of its users. While the platform has many interactive features, direct communication between buyers and sellers is not currently supported to maintain user privacy and security. However, ClubRare is developing peer-to-peer chat and will be releasing this at a later time!

Users can interact through transactions and social features on our platform - liking, following, and sharing!

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