ClubRare x QuickSwap Guide


Quickswap: oMPWR-USDT

oMPWR Smart Contract


How to Bridge your MPWR from the Klaytn Network to the Polygon Network using Orbit Bridge

  1. In the "ASSET" section, select "MPWR".

  2. Set your "FROM" network as “Klaytn”.

  3. Connect your Klaytn-based wallet that houses your MPWR tokens (This could be Kaikas, Metamask, or any other Klaytn-based wallet)

  4. For your "TO" network, choose “Polygon”.

  5. Enter your "Polygon-based" wallet address in the "RECIPIENT ADDRESS" section.

  6. Congrats! You've successfully bridged your MPWR from Klaytn to the Polygon network.

Guide to using USDT (Polygon)

  1. When using Metamask wallet, you can bridge via the Bridge icon on the right or

  2. Go to and connect your Metamask wallet to bridge to Polygon.

Guide to adding Polygon networks to your Metamask wallet

Click 'Add network' and fill in the following information:

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