Mission & Vision

ClubRare is developing the future of commerce and physical distribution, centered on the collectors. Native to web3, ClubRare is empowering the individual by connecting them directly to creators, connecting creators directly to the metaverse, and connecting the metaverse to the physical world.

At ClubRare, collectors can communicate directly with each other and the creators they support. With innovative governance protocols, community members shape the evolution of the ecosystem, earn unique physical and digital rewards, and build their presence in the metaverse.

The ClubRare Mission

The ClubRare mission is to build a collector-centered marketplace for physical goods on web3, become the bridge from the metaverse to the real world, and empower individuals to shape their destinies both on and offline.

The future of the distribution economy is empowering, rewarding, and community-owned.

Key Differentiators

Fair Start, Fair Development

ClubRare will never have private token sales. The development team and community all receive a transparent and fair distribution of tokens according to their contributions and support. The long-term goal is full decentralization.

Shared Profit and Governance

The foundations of ClubRare sprang forth from two convictions:

  1. The driving force of the e-commerce industry is not the companies or intermediaries, but the individuals.

  2. Those individuals are not passive consumers, but active collectors who buy, sell, and trade.

Because of this, ClubRare is committed to sharing both profit and governance with the community. The community determines ClubRare’s operating policies, steers the development of ClubRare products, and gets rewarded for their participation.

Sustainable Economy

ClubRare is committed to never using unsustainable rewards or gimmicks to capture market share. Contrary to other projects that offer huge promises but fail to deliver over time, we are building long-term economies within our ecosystem.

Activity Rewards are distributed linearly for 10 years. and will drive the growth of ClubRare.

Transaction fees are 2.5%, and distributed as follows:

  • 20% immediate distribution to stakers

  • 40% treasury allocation

  • 40% development funds on a linear vesting schedule

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