The Collector Economy

From Real World to Web3

When physical meets digital, that’s Phygital.

A Phygital NFT is an NFT that both provides benefits in the metaverse, and is intrinsically tied to a physical item, verified and assured by ClubRare. Anyone can create a Phygital NFT to sell a physical item, from individuals to global brands.

We support global-scale shipping and logistics with a custom warehousing solution. Based on an on-chain escrow system, all items are authenticated by a licensed authenticator for anti-fraud and quality assurance before reaching the end buyer.

Gear up in every dimension.

From Web3 to Web-Me

Collectors, not Consumers

The ClubRare ecosystem will manifest in a personalized, open metaverse space for collectors. Each individual can customize their metaverse showcase, and brands can promote their products directly in the virtual mall. Through interactions with the ClubRare community, exclusive opportunities in their Guild, and integrations with other metaverse platforms, collectors can carve out a space on their own.

Guilds & Quests

Establish or join a guild in the metaverse, and earn first chance at exclusive drops. Go head to head with other guilds, or work together to collect complete sets of your favorite merch.

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