1st MPWR Migration

1. MPWR Migration Rewards

1)ETH Reward

Participants of the 1st MPWR Migration will receive ETH rewards after the lock-up staking period is over. ETH rewards equivalent to 12% APR will be provided based on the time of participation in the lock-up staking. The APR is subject to change depending on the market situation.

2)Super Rare & Rare-tiered LLC Rewards

-2 Super Rare-tiered LLCs will be provided for every 180-day LP lock-up staking participants. -1 Rare-tiered LLC will be provided for every 90-day LP lock-up staking participants. -LLC Utility Information:https://t.me/ANSWER_GOVERNANCE/23554

3)Participation Right for Bridge service

After the launch of Bridge service, participants of the 1st Migration wave can freely swap their Klaytn-based MPWR tokens to ETH-based MPWR tokens without supplying liquidity. We will be pre-opening the Bridge service once the exchange listing schedule is finalized.

4)LLC Minting

LLC NFT will be provided as a reward according to the amount and duration of ETH supplied to the liquidity. After the LP lock-up staking period is over, the participants can mint LLC as a reward by entering the wallet addresses participated in the staking on LLC website.

-Rewards for 90-day LP lock-up staking: 1 LLC rewards will be provided for every 1 ETH participated

-Rewards for 180-day LP lock-up staking: 2 LLC rewards will be provided for every 1 ETH participated

5)Recommendations based on the Purpose of Token Migration

Holders do not need to swap all their KCT-based MPWR assets to the ETH network in the 1st migration. Participants of the 1st wave can freely swap their MPWR tokens from KCT to ETH without supplying liquidity after the Bridge service launch.

2. Sign-up for the 1st MPWR Migration

3. Participant Selection Method

-A total of 100 members will be whitelisted to participate in the 1st migration wave. (will be selected in the order below)

1)Applicants holding LLC NFTs

2)ClubRare DAO members

3)If there are applicants with the same conditions, the applicant holding more MPWR tokens at the time of the snapshot will be preferentially whitelisted.

-The applicants who have not been whitelisted in the first place may also be given the opportunity to participate as a reserve. Therefore, we highly encourage all token holders who wish to participate in the migration to submit their application forms.

4. 1st Migration Schedule

1)Snapshot: 09:00 EST on September 22, 2022

2)1st MPWR Migration Application Deadline: Until 09:00AM EST on September 25, 2022

3)Email notification to the Whitelisted Members: September 26, 2022

4)1st MPWR Migration: 22:00 (KST), 09:00 EST on September 27, 2022 - 09:00 EST on September 30 (Migration period is subject to change due to circumstances)

5. Lock-up Staking Period Options

-The token holders participating in the migration to supply liquidity to the MPWR-ETH pair can choose the token lock-up staking period between the two options: 90 days and 180 days.

6. Criteria of Participation

-The amount of MPWR tokens to be staked for the migration will be determined considering the current price of MPWR(ERC-20) on Uniswap. In other words, MPWR(ERC-20) price will become the base price of MPWR token after the migration.

-MPWR token page on Uniswap : https://info.uniswap.org/#/tokens/0x6731827cb6879a2091ce3ab3423f7bf20539b579

7. Additional Criteria of Participation

-In the case of MPWR(KCT) token balance in each wallet and KSLP(KCT) holders who are providing liquidity to the MPWR-KLAY pair in KlaySwap, the amount of MPWR(KCT) in the liquidity pool will also be calculated based on the same criteria above.

8. Precautions

-Whitelists will be selected entirely based on the submitted application forms and snapshots. Therefore, please ensure to enter the correct information, including wallet addresses, in the application form.

-For LP lock-up staking, please enter both your Metamask (ETH) and Kaikas (Klaytn) wallet addresses and use them later in the migration.

-When submitting the application form, please enter the same email address used to join the ClubRare DAO membership in order to check your membership eligibility.

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