MPWR Business Plan Update

MPWR Business Plan Update - Getting started with the MPWR project with the Global Kick-off in October 2022

  1. ClubRare Marketplace’s MPWR(ETH) Payment Support - October 2022

  2. ‘MY ROOM’ feature launch: My personal space that bridges between Metaverse and Marketplace - November-December 2022

  3. ClubRare Metaverse, The House - 1st half of 2023

  4. ClubRare Metaverse Partnership Unveil - Q4 2022-continued

  5. MPWR(ERC-20) Liquidity Supply Plan

  6. 1st MPWR Migration Rewards

1.ClubRare Marketplace’s MPWR(ETH) Payment Support - October 2022

  • In October, ClubRare Marketplace supports MPWR(ETH) payment option as the 1st step of MPWR, ClubRare’s core utility token project.

    • The detailed schedule and the 1st ClubRare Drop supporting MPWR payment option will be announced separately.

  • The objectives and policies of MPWR and AGOV are distinctly different from each other. AGOV aims to create limited-edition items for ClubRare DAO members in collaboration with its Creator partners, whereas MPWR act as the core utility token of ClubRare that aims to provide relatively approachable items compared to AGOV.

2.‘MY ROOM’ feature launch: My personal space that bridges between Metaverse and Marketplace - November-December 2022

  • ClubRare Marketplace will launch the ‘MY ROOM’ service as part of its Beta 3 version before the end of 2022. MY ROOM is a pilot service before the launch of the ClubRare Metaverse platform, The House.

    • ClubRare Marketplace is preparing its Beta 2 version with improved UX and UI based on the recent feedback from the community. With this, ClubRare Marketplace will strengthen its identity as a Phygital NFT Marketplace.

  • MY ROOM is a mini showcase service in ClubRare Marketplace where users can decorate their avatar and space according to their taste. MPWR is the main currency used in various trading activities in ‘MY ROOM,’ such as purchasing Item NFTs (furniture, wallpapers, ornaments) that can decorate the space and upgrade avatars.

  • MPWR tokens used to purchase digital items will be burned automatically. MPWR will build a sustainable token economy by continuously developing token burning model and utility functions.

  • With the Marketplace Beta 3 version including the ‘MY ROOM’ service, ClubRare is set to lead the way in innovating the future of physical distribution in the era of Metaverse. ClubRare will become the spearhead of the Phygital NFT ecosystem in the era of Metaverse.

3.ClubRare Metaverse, The House - 1st half of 2023

  • ClubRare Metaverse has an extensive lore. The lore will be revealed in stages to transform the current online/offline physical distribution ecosystem into a form suitable for the Metaverse.

  • ‘The House,’ the 1st step of ClubRare’s metaverse journey, provides users with a personal space entirely owned by their avatars and can be decorated according to their taste.

  • In The House, users can purchase Digital NFTs to decorate their space or purchase Phygital NFTs connected to real-world items.

  • If the users do not own a Phygital NFT, they can rent other users’ NFTs to decorate their space or get NFT rewards through various activities.

  • Boast your own decorated space with your friends! The owners of the Featured Houses will get special rewards.

  • Users can purchase all kinds of digital items in The House with MPWR tokens. The MPWR tokens used to purchase digital items in The House will be burned immediately. With the growth of ClubRare Metaverse, MPWR will continue to develop a sustainable token economy by applying various token-burning models.

  • The House is interoperable with various NFTs. Purchase NFTs to decorate your space and avatar. We plan to connect with other Metaverse platforms sequentially in the future.

4.ClubRare Metaverse Partnership Unveil - Q4 2022-continued

  • We plan to announce new partners of MPWR and ClubRare Metaverse sequentially, along with the big announcements to be made in the 2nd half of 2022.

  • Various partners are showing their intention to collaborate with us by agreeing on our vision of innovating the future of e-commerce and physical distribution. Partnership details will be announced sequentially as soon as the partners confirm the schedule.

5.MPWR(ERC-20) Liquidity Supply Plan

MPWR focuses on supplying liquidity to MPWR(ERC-20) to accelerate its growth in the Ethereum network.

1)Global CEX listing plans are currently under discussion.

  • MPWR will be listed on the exchanges after the Migration waves and the Bridge service launch. (We plan to run a beta test with the Migration participants)

  • In case of the listing is carried out urgently due to the market situation, we plan to open a Klaytn-Ethereum Bridge service to every token holder in advance.

  • We ask for your kind understanding in not sharing the details of the token listing at the moment. If there are any updates about the listing, we will first share it with the MPWR community on Discord as soon as possible.

2)MPWR plans to push forward its business plan in the Ethereum network.

3)Klaytn-based MPWR airdrops provided to the early supporters will be entirely discontinued in October. Furthermore, MPWR airdrop will be restrictively provided on the Ethereum network. Please find the current MPWR supply information from the MPWR landing page below:

4)MPWR token is listed in the Messari Report, an American crypto data analysis platform which acts as a primary reference standard to the key players of the industry. Please find the details from the link below. We plan to seek various listing opportunities and aggressively pursue marketing to expand MPWR’s market base in the future.

6.1st MPWR Migration Rewards

  • ETH Rewards

ETH rewards equivalent to 12% APR will be provided. As the amount of ETH reward will be determined at the time of participation in the lock-up staking, participants can receive a fixed amount of ETH reward after the lock-up staking period of over, regardless of the token price fluctuation during the period.

  • Super Rare & Rare-tiered LLC Rewards

MPWR Migration participants can get Super Rare or Rare-tiered LLCs as a reward. The tiers of the LLC rewards are fixed according to the amount and duration of ETH supplied to the liquidity. For your information, the number of Super Rare-tiered LLCs is limited to only 900 out of a total of 10,000 LLCs.

  • Preferential right to participate in the Bridge service

As we plan to launch the MPWR Bridge service this year, MPWR Migration participants will be the first to use the service after the launch. Once MPWR’s CEX listing schedule is finalized, we will launch the bridge service before the listing. However, please be advised that the Bridge service launch plan and CEX listing plans are unrelated to each other.


MPWR’s official community channel is #mpwr-community channel on ClubRare Discord. All the latest news on MPWR will be shared at the channel.

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