AGOV Migration Guide

Congratulations on being selected for AGOV migration! Please read the following instructions.

Please add RPC protection first and then proceed with the migration for better security.

How to add Flashbots Protect RPC to your Metamask


If you’d like to use the RPC please read the following: We’ve used Metamask in this guide, but the RPC endpoint should work for other wallets that support custom RPCs.

  1. Click your RPC endpoint at the top of your MetaMask. By default it says “Ethereum mainnet.”

  2. Click “Custom RPC” at the bottom of the list.

  3. Add the following details:

  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Save”

  5. You can now select the Flashbots Protect RPC from the dropdown list whenever you want to switch. Note that if you switch away from the Flashbots Protect RPC while your transaction is pending it will send your transactions to the RPC endpoint you change to. In the case of the Ethereum mainnet this will emit your transactions to the public mempool.

  6. You can now trade on any DEX using Flashbots.

Note: Your transaction will be sent privately to the miners, hence it will be publicly viewable on Etherscan only after its successful completion.

You can also watch our step-by-step video

Example on Uniswap:

AGOV Migration

How to cancel a transaction

To cancel a transaction you need to hit the “cancel” button next to a transaction. If you cannot get this to work on the Flashbots Protect RPC, try switching back to the default Ethereum mainnet RPC. This extra step will be removed in future.

Note: Cancellations are not free as they are transactions that are sent to the mempool.

STEP 1 - Connect Wallets

  1. Open the AGOV-ETH LP Lock-up Stake page

  2. Connect your whitelisted Kaikas and Metamask wallets by clicking on ‘Connect wallet’ buttons. When you have connected a wallet, ‘Disconnect’ button will appear instead of ‘Connect wallet’.

  3. When both your wallets are connected, ‘Next’ button below will become active.

STEP 2 - Input ETH Value

4. Press ‘Next’ button → Now you are at the staking page!

5. Input ETH value you want to stake. Note that the minimum requirement is 2 ETH.

6. The system will calculate the amount of AGOV (KCT) corresponding to the ETH value you have entered. Note that the calculations are based on the price of AGOV (ETH).

7. The system also shows how much of ETH and AGOV (KCT) is available on your wallets. If you have entered an available amount of ETH and AGOV (KCT), the ‘Next’ button will become active.

STEP 3 - Select Lock-up Period

8. Press ‘Next’ button → Now you are at the lock-up period page!

9. Select the lock-up period you want to. You can select either 90 day or 180 day lock-up period. Note that rewards differ for each period.

10. When you have selected the lock-up period, ‘Submit staking’ button will become active.

11. Press ‘Submit staking’ button → ‘Approving AGOV’ → ‘Sending AGOV’ → ‘Sending ETH’ messages will show you the progress.

STEP 4 - Confirmation & Transaction Page

12. You will be redirected to the confirmation and transaction page.

13. Press ‘Stake’ button.

14. Great! You have successfully finished the staking process for AGOV KCT → ETH migration! You will see the pop-up message saying ‘You have staked AGOV/ETH’.

15. You will also see the amount of ETH and AGOV you are staking, lock-up period end date, MPWR and LLC rewards.

STEP 5 - Claim Rewards After Lock-up Period Ends

16. When lock-up period has ended, the ‘Claim’ button next to rewards will become active.

17. Press ‘Claim’ button.

18. Check the rewards available to claim in the pop-up and press ‘Claim rewards’ button. You have successfully claimed rewards, congrats!

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