$MPWR Features


$MPWR is the utility token of ClubRare Metaverse. $MPWR has an initial supply of 100 million tokens, with 9.9 billion tokens burned from the total supply. Additional minting and burning are possible, but initially, we will focus on promoting the use of MPWR within the existing issuance limit to foster token economy sustainability through automatic burning and various burning events, aiming to activate the platform. Community members can receive special rewards based on their buying and selling activities within the Metaverse platform using MPWR tokens, and they will attain a special status within the ClubRare Universe. With $MPWR, community members can earn unique rewards, buy and sell, in the metaverse, and gain special status in ClubRare Universe.

Regarding the digital asset swaps within the Metaverse, after the swap, they will be automatically burned. Detailed policies will be communicated through the community at a later date. (A portion of the operational fees from the swaps will be utilized by the ClubRare platform for development expenses.)

To further benefit as collectors within the ClubRare Metaverse and marketplace, we plan to encourage the diverse use of MPWR tokens by collector users.

For The Creators

By staking $MPWR, Creators on ClubRare Marketplace can unlock reduced or no-fee NFT trading and take advantage of ClubRare’s premiere shipping and authentication solutions with major discounts. $MPWR holders can also launch their products in special ClubRare auctions, apply for grants, and pursue crowdfunding.

For The Collectors

$MPWR will be used as the official currency of ClubRare Metaverse. In a collector’s dedicated showcase area, they can use $MPWR to personalize their space, equip their avatars, join guilds, and battle for exclusive access to real-world limited merch. Every $MPWR token spent on in-universe purchases is burned forever.

For The Community

$MPWR is fairly launched, fairly run, and shares profit to holders. There are no private sales. When creators list NFTs, and when Collectors buy and sell them, they earn $MPWR. 20% of the entire token pool is reserved for staking rewards. Community members can provide liquidity, stake LP NFTs, and earn up to 180% APR.

Get started with rewards: clubrare.xyz/rewards


$MPWR holders gain bonuses by listing and trading NFTs on ClubRare Marketplace.


10% of the entire token pool is reserved for staking rewards. In addition, community members can stake LP NFTs for up to 180% APR.


In the upcoming ClubRare Metaverse, users will join guilds and go head-to-head for exclusive access to real-world collectibles, and drops from their favorite brands. Players will use $MPWR to gear up and gain the advantage in quests and skirmishes.


Users will have a space all their own, and show off their IRL merch in their metaverse showcase. $MPWR tokens can be used to bring their wardrobe and collectibles to life, and customize every aspect of their experience.

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