Policy Updates - Node Integration - Authentication, Shipping, & Vault Storage

Last updated for policy updates on May 28, 2023 for upgraded marketplace launch. Details below.

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Storage (Vault)


Token Utility Integration


pageClubRare Authentication Launch Promotion (Extended) - May 30 through July 31st, 2023
  • Authentication is optional

  • Partnered Brands have unique agreements for product authentication. Please contact the Operations Manager or Business Development Manager to discuss further partnership status & benefits. Email support@clubrare.xyz for more details.

  • All certifications are final and performed by our Expert Professional Partner.


Shipping Policy - Promotion Period Live through an undecided time in 2023

  • P2P Shipped Items (Peer-to-Peer listings) - The creator (seller) covers the shipping costs to the collector (buyer). The seller will decide on the shipping carrier and specifics. If custom duties and taxes are due upon receipt, the collector (buyer) will be notified.

    • If an item is shipped directly to the buyer, please watch for your item's sold notifications.

      • Upon selling an item, you will need to:

        • Package your item appropriately

        • Select a courier

        • Pay and print for shipping

        • Input the courier and tracking #

        • Once this is done, our systems will notify both the buyer and seller with updates.

  • ClubRare Vault Shipped Items - Promotion Period Live through an undecided time in 2023

    • Domestic Shipping - ClubRare covers all shipping costs.

    • International Shipping - ClubRare covers shipping, although custom duties & taxes are covered by the recipient (collector/buyer).

      • Shipped as: DDU - “delivered duties unpaid”

***Duties & Customs - when shipping internationally, customs duties or taxes will likely be imposed by the receiving country or region. We want to inform you in advance about the potential for customs charges, which would be the recipient's responsibility.


Coming soon - Upgraded tech for automated shipping options will soon be available, making shipping plug-and-play.

-> Select the destination and the label ready to be printed from ClubRare's platform.

Storage (Vault)

If an item is stored in the vault, ClubRare will coordinate with the seller, then have the seller send it to a specific address that is not public for the safety of our collectors - as an added security and privacy measure as the building is an unmarked location.

  • Our partner storage provider operates some of the most high-tech, secure facilities. This includes; unmarked buildings, fireproof rooms, temperature controlled, humidity controlled, specific personnel only w/ biometrics gated access, and personal access upon request.

  • While bidding, you can select whether to store your collectibles at home or in our Secure Vault.

  • Using the vault will increase or maintain your collectibles' value. The moment a collectible goes into an unsecured/uncontrolled environment like your house, the value nearly always diminishes right away.

How to Redeem My Item from the Vault

You can easily redeem your product by going to the product you wish to redeem, and from the detail page, you can select "Receive Item".

Step by Step Process on receiving/redeeming your item:

  1. Item must be received by the ClubRare Vault (our warehouse).

  2. Once the item is received and stored in the Vault, the "Receive Item" button will appear.

  3. After clicking "Receive Item", you will be prompted to fill out your address (see the first screenshot below).

  4. Wait to receive your tracking notification/information as soon as the redemption is processed.

Vault Promotion Period: Live through an undecided time in 2023

  • Storage in the vault is currently a free feature. Updated pricing will come in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates from Node Services and integrations that improve our Marketplace.


Coming soon. Stay tuned. Expected delivery June - August 2023.

Token Utility Integration

Coming soon. Stay tuned. Expected delivery June - August 2023.

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