ClubRare Universe

ClubRare is creating a community-led commerce ecosystem blending physical goods with experience-rich metaverse goods and NFTs: ClubRare Universe.
ClubRare Universe is an ecosystem of Web3 products built with and for a thriving community of collectors, bridging from the metaverse to the physical world. The ClubRare Universe includes:

ClubRare Marketplace

A decentralized community-owned NFT trading platform for both digital and physical goods.
ClubRare Marketplace is community-owned with an extensive reward system, powered by our commitment to share profits with contributors.

AGOV: ClubRare Governance Token

With AGOV, the community votes on treasury spending, determines policies and brand partnerships, and can trade exclusive NFTs. AGOV stands for “Answer Governance”. For ClubRare, there was never any other answer.
The full AGOV DAO is in development.
Klaytn Address: 0x588c62ed9aa7367d7cd9c2a9aaac77e44fe8221b
Ethereum Address: 0xd1420AF453Fd7bf940573431D416cAcE7fF8280c

MPWR: ClubRare Utility Token

With MPWR, community members can earn unique rewards, buy and sell in the metaverse, and gain elevated status in ClubRare Universe. When collectors are empowered, everyone succeeds.
MPWR will be the currency of the ClubRare Metaverse.
Klaytn Address: 0xad27ace6f0f6cef2c192a3c8f0f3fa2611154eb3
Ethereum Address: 0xC7A195fCB814C7623B808b7C1e8426d4ed5096Ea

Lazy Leo Club

The Lazy Leo Club is an exclusive membership-based NFT collection. With each Leo providing unique abilities across ClubRare Universe, collectors are more engaged than ever.

ClubRare DeFi Farm

At the heart of the ClubRare economy, ClubRare DeFi Farm allows users to stake, provide liquidity, and earn unique rewards.

ClubRare Metaverse

A metaverse platform integrating directly with the marketplace. Users can show off their merch, shop in other users’ stores, and earn exclusive rewards. This is the future of the mall experience.