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How to List an Item on ClubRare Marketplace

Creating an NFT and Listing Your Item

Type of Listings


Item Attributes & Features

Authenticating my Item

Shipping my Item


Welcome to ClubRare! You've joined a vibrant, innovative marketplace that merges the traditional and the novel, blending the worlds of physical and digital commerce. As a seller on ClubRare, you're not just participating in an online platform - you're becoming an integral part of a thriving, community-centric ecosystem.

This guide is designed to empower you to make the most out of your selling experience on our platform. Here, we will navigate you through the ins and outs of listing your items, interacting with potential buyers, and utilizing all the unique features our marketplace has to offer.

At ClubRare, we believe in putting power in the hands of the individual. That means our marketplace has been engineered with you in mind, providing a transparent, secure, and highly interactive space for you to trade "phygital" goods - Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) associated with real-world items.

Remember, you're not just selling an item. You're offering an experience, an adventure that spans both the tangible and the digital. So, let's get started and guide you through your journey to becoming a successful seller on the ClubRare Marketplace!

How to List an Item on ClubRare Marketplace

A high-level overview on how to create a NFT and listing:

  • Creating an NFT: enter basic information - contact details and description of your item!

  • Timed Auction vs Fixed Price: Pick how you want to sell, pricing, and go!

  • Item Attributes & Features: Describe what makes your item unique!

  • NFT Images and Showcase: Post pictures of your item, and showcase!

  • Authenticate Your Item! Choose whether to authenticate the product or not, and if so, add the required & Verified Sellers get automatic verification, while non-verified sellers must get their items authenticated through THE NODE.

Creating an NFT and Listing Your Item (Step-by-step)

Step 1: Click Create

Step 2: Type your item’s Title and Description.

Step 3: Choose your type of sale and set your price, timeframe and royalties.

Step 4: Choose or create your own collection, and add up to 6 attributes.

Step 5: Upload your NFT image, Select your Category, Add up to 4 of your favorite images.

Step 6: Select whether to authenticate your product or not. Then select your brand. Last, if you are authenticating your item, upload the appropriate images.

Step 7: Review & Create NFT

Step 8: Sign

Post Creation - Following the creation we wait for authentication and can take up to 48hrs but typically takes ~12hrs. Upon authentication, you can see a successfully authenticated item (1st photo) and rejected/fraud item (2nd photo) below.

Type of Listings:

Timed Auction: A timed auction is a type of listing where the seller sets a starting price and duration for the auction. During this period, potential buyers place bids on the item, with each new bid needing to be higher than the previous one.

When the auction time ends, the highest bid wins and gets to purchase the item. This kind of listing can be exciting and profitable for sellers, as it allows the market demand to dictate the final selling price.

Fixed Price: A fixed price listing, as the name implies, is when the seller sets a specific price for their item. Potential buyers can choose to purchase the item directly at this price, without the need for bidding.

This type of listing offers certainty and simplicity for both sellers and buyers, as the transaction can be completed immediately without having to wait for an auction to end.


Royalties in the context of NFTs and the ClubRare Marketplace refer to the ongoing earnings that creators or original sellers can receive from the future sales of their works.

When an artist or creator mints an NFT, they can set a royalty percentage in the smart contract of the NFT. This percentage is the portion of future sales that will go to the original creator every time the NFT is resold in the future.

For instance, if an artist sets a royalty of 10% when they first sell their NFT, they will receive 10% of the sales price each time their NFT is resold on the secondary market. This continues for as long as the NFT exists and is traded. It's a way for artists and creators to continuously benefit from the increasing value of their work.

In the ClubRare Marketplace, the royalty system works automatically and is encoded in the smart contract of each NFT. This ensures that the original creator is fairly compensated for their work even as it changes hands over time. However, the exact terms and conditions, including the royalty percentage, may vary and should be reviewed by both sellers and buyers.

Item Attributes & Features

This refers to the distinct characteristics and qualities of an item listed on the ClubRare Marketplace. They are key details that help describe, categorize, and distinguish the item from others on the marketplace.

These attributes and features can include a wide variety of information, such as:

  • The name of the item

  • The creator or brand associated with the item

  • Specific details about the physical item tied to a "phygital" NFT (like size, color, material, condition, etc.)

  • For digital items, it could include details about the file type, resolution, dimensions, etc.

  • Unique properties or traits of the NFT (e.g., in the case of digital art or collectibles, these could be rarity attributes, backgrounds, accessories, etc.)

  • History or provenance of the item (previous owners, sale prices, etc.)

  • Any other information that may be important or valuable to potential buyers

In essence, Item Attributes & Features are a crucial part of the listing process, as they allow sellers to provide necessary and appealing details about their items, helping potential buyers make informed decisions.

Authenticating My Item

"Authenticating your item" is a key process that ensures the validity, quality, and trustworthiness of the items listed on the ClubRare Marketplace.

As a seller, the authentication process may involve the following steps:

  1. Documentation: You need to provide detailed descriptions, and images of your item. This could include product details, brand identifiers, condition reports, and more. The aim is to verify that the item is genuine and as described.

  2. Verification by Experts: ClubRare is backed by professionals to verify the authenticity of your item. This can range from reviewing submitted documentation to more intricate evaluations depending on the nature of the item.

  3. Authentication Status: Once your item is authenticated, you will receive a status of whether it was successful or failed. You will see this on the product detail page of your item.

It's essential to note that ClubRare takes authenticity very seriously. Any attempt to sell counterfeit goods or misrepresent items can lead to severe consequences, including suspension or banning from the platform.

By adhering to the authentication process, sellers maintain the integrity of the marketplace, build trust with buyers, and contribute to a safer and more confident trading environment.

Shipping My Item

"Shipping your item" is a crucial step in the transaction process of the ClubRare Marketplace, and involves both the actual dispatching of your sold physical item and the necessary authentication step. Here is what the process generally looks like:

  1. Packaging: After successful authentication, your item is ready for shipping. This involves appropriately packaging the item to ensure it's not damaged during transit.

  2. Choosing a Carrier: Next, you need to select a reliable shipping carrier to handle the delivery of your item. This could be a reputable postal service or a private courier company.

  3. Insurance and Tracking: For safeguarding the shipment, especially for high-value items, you should consider insuring the shipment. You'll also get a tracking number for your shipment, enabling both you and the buyer to track the delivery.

  4. Shipping Label: Securely attach the shipping label, provided or generated through your chosen carrier, to your package. This label has crucial information, including the destination address, return address, and a barcode for tracking.

  5. Dispatch: Once the package is prepared, you can drop it off at a post office or schedule a pick-up with your chosen shipping carrier.

  6. Communication: Keep the buyer informed throughout the process. Provide the dispatch information and the tracking number so they can follow the delivery.

  7. Delivery Confirmation: Upon successful delivery, you'll receive a delivery confirmation from the shipping carrier.

In this process, ClubRare mediates the transaction to ensure it proceeds smoothly and addresses any potential issues. Always remember to adhere to any specific guidelines or recommendations provided by ClubRare in relation to shipping and authentication.

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