Update on MPWR Tokenomics 1.1 Launch Schedule

First and foremost, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our community members for their significant interest and active participation in our MPWR Reward and Burn system. Your enthusiastic response has led to a surge in new users joining our platform, motivating us to enhance your overall experience within our ecosystem.

As previously mentioned, ClubRare is preparing to launch MPWR Tokenomics 1.1, an upgraded version of the MPWR Reward and Burn system. Although our initial plan was to commence this upgrade on July 27, we have decided to slightly extend the timeline to ensure the refinement of our token burn policy. Your understanding in this regard is greatly appreciated.

The revised launch date for MPWR Tokenomics 1.1 is now set for August 3. This enhanced version will introduce new policies concerning platform fee burning and reward burning mechanisms.

Please take note that the existing policies will remain in effect until the launch of the new token reward and burn system. Reward distribution and burn events will continue to occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (based on EST).

Once again, we extend our thanks for your invaluable contributions to MPWR tokenomics and the vibrant activation of the ClubRare platform. Stay tuned as we will release a detailed policy update regarding MPWR Tokenomics 1.1 in the coming week.

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