ClubRare Drop Types

ClubRare Drops are referred to as the combination of the digital NFT and the physical auction/sale conducted on the ClubRare Marketplace with our curated Partners.

ClubRare offers 3 different types of drops - Everday Drops, Featured Drops, and Limited Drops. See the full details below.

  • Everyday Drops are held regularly (daily, weekly recurring occurrences with our verified partners). We have found artist, brands, and creators that can offer multiple rare items.

    • These will be conducted as a fixed auction, meaning the price will be fixed or set.

    • Example - Degen Jewellers has offered 5 different rings in their Voodoo Ring Collection (all 5 of the same product, but 5 unique NFTs)

  • Featured Drops are held once every few weeks (3-4 weeks). We partner with the best artist, brands, and creators to offer a super rare one-of-a-kind phygital NFT. Not only is this a 1/1 Phygital NFT, AND your physical product will reflect the same rareness in the real world.

    • These will be conducted as started auctions. There will be a start price and the auction will end after a certain period. We advise and recommend our partners to set these between 3-5 days long.

    • The highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the bid.

    • When there are 10 minutes or less on the Auction timer and a new high bid is placed, the timer will extend by 10 minutes.

    • Example - Relevant Customs 1/1 Budweiser AJ1 Shoes (link here) an extremely rare artist proof of a shoe never sold to the public that many celebrities and famous athletes own.

  • Limited Drops are held every so often (planning for every few months). These are community-driven auctions. We collaborate and vote on the full details of the product customization as a community (AGOV DOA, LLC holders).

    • These phygital NFT auctions will only be available to community members.

    • All profits will go back to the community.

    • Example - Relevant Customs works with the AGOV DAO and LLC Holders on voting the final details of 50 total custom-made all-white Yeezy shoes (THIS IS JUST AN IDEA AND EXAMPLE - PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL AUCTION…. yet 🙂)

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